When men shower we want the process to be simple. With all the tools and scents to choose from, that’s nearly impossible.  We need to be reminded there’s a better way.

That a bar of soap is all we need.







Package Redesign:

New simple package design.


Product Innovation:

The 3 in 1 bar is all a man will ever need in the shower.


The BIG Bar:

Less shopping. Less packaging. Less time wasted. When you need a new bar just snap it off and go.


How You Want That Cut? 

We will introduce the Big Bar by putting uncut slabs in hardware stores. Men need to be reminded being a man is about simplicity, so giving them soap in the manliest place on Earth is the best way to do that. Plus cutting soap with a saw is awesome.



Get a personalized Big Bar with your name stamped in so you never have to worry about getting your soap mixed up again. Makes a great stocking stuffer, too.




To bring this campaign to life we 3D printed soap molds, painted them, built a mini shower scene, and photographed everything to make it as real as possible.

If writing doesn’t pan out, call me if you ever need grout work done.

CBM: Jen Clinehens
CS: Sloane Beaver
CS: Cristina Hall
AD: Sam Cantor
CT: John Briney
CW: Gary L. Baker II