Ping pong is the golf of advertising.

We  don’t usually have the time for 18 holes, but we make it to the table quite often.

That’s why we created The Dead Ball Society. A secret society at the Brandcenter for those who appreciate the beauty and importance of the game.

deadball society class of 1923


A teaser site was emailed to everyone we wanted to invite to join.


Those both curious and brave enough to enter their emails received an invitation a few days later to register for a tournament.


The tournament was for the privilege to be initiated into the Dead Ball Society.


Those that won were invited to a secret party to celebrate their victory, dress up, and become an official Dead Ball.

At our meetings we have many rituals. We created custom branding for the Dead Ball Society including a wood fired brand, stamps, custom balls, and other materials to welcome our new members in a way they wouldn’t forget.


Membership Cards:  The Founders

CW: Gary L. Baker II

AD: Cory Tyler Bowles

AD: Chris Kim

Other Dead Ball Members:

As we move on, the secrets of the Dead Ball Society are ready to be handed down to the upcoming Brandcenter class: