AICP wanted to promote their Next Awards, which honors new forms of moving-image work. Playing off the idea that some think there’s a formula to the work of the future, our team created a takeover campaign from a company that sells innovation shortcuts.


Entry Website:

The Next entry site was taken over by fake banner ads promoting Eureecorp, when users clicked the links they launched the spots above.


Eureecorp Hotline:

For those still brave enough to purchase Eureecorp products, we made a working phone number featured at the end of each video that played this message.



I learned a massive amount about the production process, working directly with the client and most important, deadlines. Also, I got to set things on fire, and whenever that happens it’s a good day.

CW: Gary L. Baker II
CW: Zac Milner
AD: Cory Tyler Bowles
AD: Zack Madrigal
CT: John Briney